Annual Report

2013 Annual Report: Imagine Forward

In the 35 years since FMPA was founded, our world and our industry have changed in ways none of us could have imagined. Yet, one big thing has stayed the same. Customers need power that is reliable and affordable. That’s why FMPA’s member utilities began working together in 1978. That’s why FMPA is here today. And that’s why we’ll be here for the next 35 years and beyond, still combining our resources for the mutual benefit of our member communities.

It may not be possible to predict the future, but what we can do is imagine forward. At FMPA, we are scanning the horizon for changes in technology, society and customers’ lifestyles that could impact our ability to deliver reliable, low-cost power.

We may not know exactly what our business will look like in 2048, but by asking good questions, we can start the dialogue that will shape our future.

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Past Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report: Good Energy

FMPA and its members generate more than electricity. We create good energy. Good energy starts with our community power structure, which is founded on timeless, common-sense values like reliability, service, community investment and accountability. That energy is amplified by the statewide strength we gain when we work with our fellow municipal utilities. Good energy is more than electricity. It’s a force for good in the community. That’s why community power is good energy.

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2011 Annual Report: Half Full
How we see things is always our choice, and at FMPA we see the glass as half full. Optimism is more than our attitude; it’s a competitive advantage. Optimists work harder, bounce back faster and capture opportunities others miss. With this outlook, there’s never a bad time to keep working hard for our customers.

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2010 Annual Report: We are More than What Happens to Us
The ups and downs of today’s chaotic, news-soaked world could distract us, if we let it, from our mission of working together to serve our communities. Our shared vision and values form the bond that keeps us working together, supporting each other and building a better future day by day.

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2009 Annual Report: The Story in Black & White
2009 was a challenging year for the U.S. economy and all of us operating in it. Jobs were lost and financial pressures increased. People struggled to make ends meet. Difficult decisions and sacrifices were made. In addition, electric utilities in Florida faced upward pressure on power costs, and FMPA was among them. We found ourselves falling short of our mission to provide competitively priced power. This unavoidable truth forced us to face tough questions that deserve straightforward answers about where we are and where we’re going. These questions and answers tell the story of 2009.

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2008 Annual Report: Voice of the People

People are the real source of power at FMPA. Their voices reveal the confidence we have working together to tackle the tough issues of our time. Together, we will find solutions to balance reliable power at an affordable price in an environmentally friendly manner.

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2007 Annual Report: Point of Balance
Together we can find balanced solutions in a changing and challenging world. We looked at changes on the horizon and took actions that will move us closer to a balanced solution.

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2006 Annual Report: The Path Ahead

After several years of hard work and preparation, FMPA is on the move and gaining momentum. Our owners have given us a destination and a roadmap to get there. We’ve gather the skills and resources we need. We are prepared for the path ahead.

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2005 Annual Report: Hope is Not a Plan
2005 brought some serious challenges to Florida’s electric utilities. Some people in our business are crossing their fingers, waiting and hoping that things will get better. Not us. We are joining forces and preparing for what lies ahead.

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2004 Annual Report: Everything Changes

The electric utility industry is changing. FMPA is changing too. We’re reinventing the way we do business so that the end result—reliable, low-cost power—always stays the same.

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2003 Annual Report: 25 Powerful Years: 1978-2003

Municipal electric utilities are individually owned and operated, yet for 25 years they have worked together through FMPA on wholesale power projects. They are allies by virtue of their heritage as community-owned utilities. Joined by their mission to provide reliable power at a reasonable cost. And united by their belief in the power of working together.

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